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Quality Guarantee

In order to guarantee the quality of our translations, we take extra care in the selection of language partners and in the way we assure the quality of their work.

Verification process of translator expertise

All our language partners possess higher education and numerous years of translation experience. Translator who works for “Bravissimo” must fulfil the following requirements:

1) Possess corresponding higher education in the specified foreign language, or possess in-depth knowledge of the languages from and into which he/she translates written text
2) Be familiar with the technical terminology used in the source language or target language
3) Possess minimum five years of translation experience
4) Possess minimum two references from previous translation projects

Every potential language partner undergoes a verification process of his/her knowledge of technical language. The verification consists of translating a highly specialised text from a specific field, which is subsequently reviewed by another qualified translator, expert editor and proof-reader.. Of the total number of translators who approach us and offer us their services, only 20% fulfil our requirements.

Quality assurance process of the translation

Upon signing the Cooperation Agreement, all language partners receive additional documents outlining in detail what is expected of them. In the translation process, every translator is required, among other things, to ensure the following:

1. The translation is complete and conforms to the original.
2. The text is consistent, and appropriate style and terminology are used.
3. The sentences are grammatically correct, and proper syntax and spelling are used.
4. The layout of the translated document matches that of the original.
5. All instructions and notes provided by the Project Manager regarding the translation are observed.

Quality assurance process before delivery to the client

Quality control of translations immediately before delivery to the client can take on various forms:

1. Model 1 (translation + proof-reading of the text)
2. Model 2 (translation + revision + proof-reading)
3. Model 3 (translation + revision + expert revision)

When you approach us for a translation, we will work with you to determine which model is best suited to your needs.

You will only pay for what you truly need!

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