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Bravissimo”, hereinafter referred to as “the Agency”, pledges to protect the privacy of all its clients. To that end, all data and information accessible to the Agency while professional services are being rendered shall be considered confidential; the Agency shall keep them confidential and ensure that its employees, business partners (translators, revisers, reviewers, expert revisers, proof-readers, editors, etc.), agents, experts and other advisors keep confidential any data and information related to the assigned work, entrusted documents and their contents, or the client’s activities, services or personal data, and pledges not to reveal or use them for its own business objectives or reveal any confidential information to any third party without the client’s consent.

Confidentiality does not pertain to:

• Information that is or has become publicly available (other than through breach of the above-mentioned statement)

• Information that was obtained independently of the client or acquired from a third party, to the extent that it was acquired with the right to disclose it

• Information that was lawfully obtained by the Agency for which no disclosure ban applies

• Information which, following such disclosure, becomes available to a certain party from a source such that it is not obligated in any way to maintain confidentiality with regard to such information

• The disclosure of information that is mandatory by virtue of the law or the rulings of any court of any competent jurisdiction, civil servant or regulatory body, or any binding judgments, directives or requirements from any other competent authority

• The disclosure of information to any tax authorities to the extent that it is reasonably necessary for access to the tax affairs of the Agency

• The disclosure, to expert advisors to the Agency, of information that to a reasonable extent must be disclosed owing to a need related to the conducting of business .

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