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Technical Translations

Translation of technical manuals and guides

The translation of technical documents is one of the most complex types of translation.

We translate:

- User manuals for machines and electrical devices intended for everyday use
- Technical documentation for equipment for industrial and commercial use
- Complete documentation for construction projects
- Specifications, technical inspection certificates, safety data sheets and certificates
- Plans, electrical schemes, service manuals, and the like

As an agency that translates technical documentation and user manuals, we take on a great deal of responsibility. The smallest error in the translation of a term or meaning of a sentence can lead to the improper use of a machine. To translate technical documents, having in-depth knowledge of the terminology and lexicon of that sector is not enough; one must also have an overall understanding of the processes and steps described in the source text. For these types of text, in addition to excellent language training, the translator must also possess the corresponding technical knowledge. Our agency works with translators who specialise in the translation of technical texts, technical manuals and guides in the following fields:

- construction
- electronics
- mechanics
- economics
- automobile industry
- agricultural sector
- information technology

Dictionaries and translation memory

One of the particularities of highly specialised translation is the ambiguity of technical terminology. Multiple translators work on larger texts, and in order to avoid the “patchwork effect” and thereby provide a quality translation, a glossary (dictionary) is compiled with terms from specific fields related to your company or the industry you are in. This means that throughout the text, each technical term will always be translated the same way.

The editor, who is usually the most experienced and most qualified translator in the group, and who is also an engineering graduate, performs the final revision of the translation text. Before the translation is delivered to the client, it is first reviewed by a proof-reader, who ensures once more that there are no typos, the numbers are accurate, and correct spelling and style are used throughout the text. If necessary, desktop publishing of the text is performed at the end.

We use the most up-to-date software to create translation memories to ensure that paragraphs and portions of text that are repeated in your document are not translated twice. Identical paragraphs or sentences in the text must always be translated the same way (this is particularly the case with instruction manuals for various appliances and devices). This also helps reduce translation costs, since each repetition of an already translated sentence is only calculated and paid for once.

The client receives a flawless, polished text ready for print and further use.

Guaranteed quality thanks to cooperation with expert translators and engineers

Whether for the automobile industry or the fields of construction or agriculture, technical translations must be perfect. That is why we only work with translators who have proven professional experience in those fields as well as in-depth knowledge of technical terminology. We conduct rigorous checks to confirm the technical expertise of all our translators. For the translation, we will collaborate with you to ensure that the translator’s style and knowledge satisfy all your criteria. Please note that in order to provide you with an accurate translation, every translation is subject to internal quality controls and is reviewed by a mechanical, civil, agricultural or electrical engineer.

Nothing is left to chance, and the margin of error in the translation is reduced to a minimum.

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