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Certified Translations

Translation agency “Bravissimo” is the trusted partner not only of lawyers, but also of private individuals who require a translation with certification by a sworn translator.

The following are documents that most often require translation by a sworn translator:


- birth certificates
- marriage certificates
- certificates of place of residence
- police clearance certificates
- confirmations of residence
- income certificates
- diplomas
- academic transcripts and course syllabuses
- declarations
- powers of attorney
- bank account statements
- vehicle registration certificates
- motor vehicle bills of sale
- title deeds
- all other personal documents


- various official certificates
- contracts
- lawsuits
- court decisions
- rulings
- written proceedings
- regulations
- other documentation


- extracts from the court register of companies
- financial reports
- balance sheets
- audit reports
- bills of sale
- tenders
- invoices
- certificates
- statutes


Serbian law provides that documents issued by foreign governments may be recognised in Serbia if they are translated by a certified sworn translator. Our agency offers you certified translations as well as certification with the Hague Apostille. A certified translation is a translation by a certified sworn translator designated by the Ministry of Justice. The translator’s signature and stamp guarantee that the translation is identical to the original, i.e. source text. Certification with the Hague Apostille is the international certification of documents that confirms the authenticity of the signature, the capacity of the person who signed the document and the authenticity of the seal or stamp affixed to the document. This process certifies that the document was issued by a competent institution. The Apostille is issued by countries that signed the Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation of Foreign Public Documents, better known as “The Hague Convention”, signed in 1961. In Serbia, the authority that issues Apostille certificates is the Basic Court for public documents written, issued or certified by bodies located in that court’s district.

We insure the delivery of certified translations to all Serbian cities.

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