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Translation of Legal Documentation

Translation of legal documentation is defined as the translation of documents in the field of law and documents used in international trade. These include:

- statues, memoranda of association of legal entities and off-shore companies
- contracts, conventions and agreements
- real estate purchase and sale agreements
- court witness statements
- notarial acts, wills, affidavits and Apostilles
- court rulings and judgments, claims, writs of execution and minutes of hearings
- trustee deeds, licenses, certificates and testimonials, certificates from the commercial register

Translation of contracts

One of the most common and most complex types of translation is the translation of contracts (in this case contracts related to the foreign market). The particularity of this type of translation is that one must take into account not only legal terminology, but also the compliance of the translated text with the judicial system of the country in which the contract was written. To achieve this, the translator must have adequate experience in the translation of legal terminology, as well as knowledge of the legislative system of the country in which the contract was written. When translating a contract, the translator faces not only linguistic challenges, but also the particularities of the judicial systems of both countries.

The translation of contracts, especially those that are full of technical expressions, often requires broader knowledge on the part of the translator, and sometimes the contract cannot be translated by one translator alone. For larger texts, we use multiple translators and assign each one a portion that is closest to his/her specialisation.

Our translation agency is in a position to provide a quality translation of any type of contract:

- commercial agency contracts
- agreements on the representation of a foreign legal entity
- franchising contracts
- patent and know-how license agreements
- business and technical cooperation agreements
- real estate purchase and sale agreements
- equipment purchase and delivery agreements
- contract and service agreements
- rental and leasing agreements
- contracts for the transportation and delivery of goods
- contracts for the international sale of goods
- consortium agreements and others

Data privacy and quality service

All data and all documents that “Bravissimo” receives from the client may not be used without prior consent from the client. This will be confirmed in writing by the client and the translator, reviser, expert reviser or proof-reader. Please note that the agreement with the client also contains a data privacy clause.

We take your work seriously. You can trust us!

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