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Financial Documents

“Bravissimo” translates all types of financial documents. These include:

• balance sheets
• tender offers
• joint venture agreements
• loan agreements and surety bonds
• banking documentation
• economic studies
• market analyses
• business plans
• insurance documentation
• business correspondence
• competitive tender documentation

Glossaries and translation memory

As with all other types of translation, we also use glossaries for these kinds of texts. Glossaries contain technical terms translated into numerous languages, and help the translator correctly translate each individual term. In addition to being required to consult and use our glossaries of technical terminology, all our translators actively participate in their expansion.

We use the most up-to-date software to create translation memories to ensure that paragraphs and portions of text that are repeated in your document are not translated twice; that is, identical portions of text are always translated the same way. Translation memory helps increase the quality of the translation and speed up the delivery time. It also reduces translation costs, as each repetition of an already translated sentence is only calculated and paid for once.

Guaranteed privacy and first-class service

“Bravissimo” is proud to work with professional translators who only translate texts into their mother tongue. In addition, all our expert editors who work on these types of texts are economics graduates, which gives clients added confidence in the quality of the translation. All our language partners respect client privacy, and will not disclose any information that could in any way identify you to a third party without your express permission.

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